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Smarter Console Logging in Synesthesia

Console logging 60 times per second isn’t really useful to humans, use this function to only log to the javascript console once per second: var logtime = 0; function update() { logtime++; if (logtime > […]

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Synesthesia Quick Tip: JavaScript Variables

The JavaScript layer in Synesthesia is ridiculously useful, and the least familiar aspect for those coming from ShaderToy. In the future I’d like to do a full article and/or video on this, but for now […]

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Synesthesia Quick Tip: Load Media

This simple function returns user media if any is selected, or if not it returns black. To change the fallback color just change `vec3(0)` to the color of your choice vec3 usermedia_or_black() { vec3 color […]

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How To Add A Slider In Synesthesia

So you’ve downloaded Synesthesia, you’re playing around with the scenes and having fun, but you want to control something and the slider just isn’t there. Maybe you want to control the speed of an effect, […]

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